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4-14 Pro MK3

This production machine is designed to do repeat work in the
most efficient manner. Both the machine and the controller can
be customized to suit specific applications. Three guide bars
significantly improve machine rigidity allowing for heavier cuts with
improved surface finishes. A DC bar drive motor produces higher
torques and faster speeds while allowing for infinite variability of
the tool rotation rate. Load sensors built into the controller help to
monitor tool wear. The programmer’s controller allows access to
every function on the machine including speeds, feeds, and canned
cycles. The operator’s controller prevents unauthorized adjustments
to the boring bar procedure. Optional interlocks can be included
to prevent machine operation unless safety guards are in place. Brochure >


bore repair 414 pro mk3


• Boring diameters from 1 -16” (25 - 406mm)

• Customized cutting tool travel length

• Digital read-out

• Programmable feed rates

• Programmable canned cycles

• Precision ball screw instead of standard lead screw and nut

• Collet chuck for attaching boring bar

• Programmers only controller - allows access to all machine functions

• Operators only controller speeds and feeds cannot be changed without authority

• Load sensors on both bar drive and feed motors

• Interlocks

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