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Bore Repair

Portable line boring repairs are most often performed on earthmoving, forestry, marine and industrial manufacturing equipment.

The constant turning, pulling and pounding on pinned joints combined with high cyclic rates and heavy loads as well as operating in abrasive conditions will lead to eventual wear or even failure of pin and bearing bores.

Our machinists often work on excavators / log loaders, and front end loaders. This heavy equipment that is constantly rotating and pulling from many angles will often require bore repairs to  pivot points – stick, boom, bucket connections,  articulating loaders, front end buckets, log processors, grapples etc.

Newly manufactured equipment can also require line boring to ensure new parts fit to specification. Our machinists have performed work on stern tubes to fit cutlass bearings on ocean going crew boats.

The process of bore repair is generally to build up the worn bore with welding, so that it can be line bored with a boring machine to bring the bore back to factory spec. to allow for a bearing or pin.

York offers a variety of bore welders and bore repair machines and facing tools to successfully perform any required bore repair work.

Bore Repair Welder Mounted - York Machine

Bore Welder Mounted

Bore Built up - York Machine

Bore Built Up

414 ET Line Boring Excavator - York Machine

414 ET Line Boring Excavator with offset bar

414 ET Line Boring on Crew Boat - York Machine

414 ET Line Boring for Cutlass Bearing on New Crew Boat

414 ET Line Bore mounted - York Machine

414 ET Line Boring Scissor Lift