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Line Boring Machines

4-14 ET Line-boring Machine
The York 4-14 ET (electric touch) portable line-boring machine is our finest yet. Proven dependable and extremely powerful. Shown below with the Fein 4 speed reversible bar drive motor, this combination makes the 4-14 ET extremely portable. A unique feature is the variable speed feed system with rapid traverse.
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York 12-36 Line Boring Machine
With a boring range of 8 to 36" the York 12-36 line boring machine is your answer for large bores. Both feed and rotation are hydraulically driven and are independently adjustable while in use. The 12-36 features a 3" boring bar with twin lead screws for balanced feeding and shock absorbing dampers to reduce tool impact for longer tool life.
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This general use line boring machine is perfect for contractors who are concerned about maintaining their own equipment. Whether you have a fleet of 10 or 300, the CADET will reduce your heavy equipment down time and allow you to schedule repairs to suit your needs.
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4-14 Pro MK3

This production machine is designed to do repeat work in the most efficient manner. Both the machine and the controller can be customized to suit specific applications. Three guide bars significantly improve machine rigidity allowing for heavier cuts with improved surface finishes. A DC bar drive motor produces higher torques and faster speeds while allowing infinite variability of

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